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Welcome to Meriden Little League's Registration Home Page. For Parents / Guardians registering their child(ren), please enroll each in their respective age group. Parents / Guardians will need to complete the registration completely and create a "parent" account. You need not enter an email for your child(ren), as communication will be done solely with the parent / guardian. 

For those wishing to create an account, without registering a child, please reach out to us, using the "contact us" link, at the bottom of the page and an account will be created for you. This option should only be used for volunteers and / or umpires. 

Thank you for your interest in Meriden Little League.


MLL General Parent / Volunteer Registration

This registration is ONLY for those without children in Meriden Little League (ex. Umpires and / or Volunteers) and / or those that have children in MLL, however did not register them and / or not on the child's MLL account and wish to receive updates, regarding the league.  

For ALL volunteers registering via the website, you MUST complete the online Q&A.

Thank you.

Meriden Little League

Open to: New Men & Women