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Q: When is Opening Day?

A: Saturday, April 23, 2022. Opening Day ceremonies begin at TBD


Q: When are photos taken?

A: Photos will be taken Opening Day, prior to and after the Opening Day ceremonies. A team schedule for   

     photos will be announced shortly.


Q: When are games and practices?

A: Meriden Little League has 8 divisions and each division plays a minimum number of games a week. Below 

     is an example of what you can expect (practices are at the discretion of the manager / coach):


               T-ball = 1 game a week and a practice

               Farm C (coach pitch) = 1-2 games a week and a practice

               Farm B (kid / coach pitch) = 2 games a week and a practice

               Minors A (kid pitch) = 2 - 3 games a week and a practice

               Majors = 2 - 3 games a week and a practice

               Juniors = games TBD and a practice

              Seniors = game TBD and a practice

              Challengers = Usually play on Sundays


Q: How much is Registration and why are the prices different?

A: Meriden Little League provides a pricing tiered program; whereas the older your player gets, the higher the registration cost is. Currently, no program is more than $150 (Juniors and Seniors). Players ages        4-5 are only $25; players ages 6-8 are only $100; and players ages 9-12 are $125. Please keep in the mind, the older your player gets, the more we provide (i.e. games played, umpires, better equipment,              etc.). 


Q: What does my registration cover?

A: Your registration costs cover a team uniform and hat, all necessary baseball equipment (i.e. helmets, balls,        

      bats, etc.), umpire fees and other Little League required fees (i.e. Charter costs, insurance, etc.). Meriden Little league is a non-profit organization and there are no paid positions on the board (General or           Executive).


Q: Is my registration refundable?

A: Yes, so long as you inform us prior to ordering uniforms. All requests for refunds, after uniforms have been ordered, will be reduced, and uniforms will be provided. Once the season begins, registration is           considered complete, and any issues / concerns arising after, will need to be brought up to the League President and decided by the General Board. 


Q: What do I need to buy my player?

A: Parents are responsible for all items not provided by the league. Typically, this is just pants, cleats, glove and    

     personal safety equipment.


Q: What color pants?

A: Meriden Little League teams all have white pants


Q: What kind of bat do I need?

A: Any bat purchased and / or used MUST have the USA logo on it. Any been on a field that does not have a USA logo on it, will be removed. Please see list of approved bats under the "Officials Page". Senior           Division bats may also be BBCOR approved and shall not be more than 3 ounces less the length (example: 33 inch bat cannot be less than 30 ounces). This is known as "drop 3" or -3. Junior Division (so                longs as there are no 15 year old players on the team, may use a drop 5 bat.


Q: What happens if my player misses a game and / or practice?

A: There is no penalty for missing games and / or practices. Little League is intended to be both instructional

     and fun; however, both require the player to attend.


Q: When will I hear from the coach?

A: All players will be assigned to a team, following the draft, which will be held Saturday, March 19, 2022.

     Parents / players can expect to hear from the team’s Manager a few days following the draft.


Q: Where are the fields located?

A: Meriden Little League has two complexes: Ed Walsh complex and Jack Barry complex. Ed Walsh is located

     on Overlook Road (behind Thomas Hooker School) and Jack Barry is located on 210 Britannia Street. Jack

     Barry has (3) fields: Malerba, Carter and Hampp and Ed Walsh has (5) fields: FJ Kogut, FW Kogut,

     Carabetta, Avery and Carey.


Q: How do we know which Division is appropriate for my player?

A: MLL Player Agent is responsible for evaluating the players. Typically, 4 & 5 year olds will be placed on T-ball; 2nd year 5 year olds and 6 year olds in Farm C; 7 & 8 year olds in Farm B; 9 & 10 year olds in               Minors A and 11 & 12 year olds in Majors. This is not an exact science, as Minors A and Majors require a draft, which may result in younger players moving up sooner.  


Q: When does Fall Ball Registration begin?

A: Registration for Fall Ball typically begins in July. Our Fall Ball Season starts the 1st week of September and runs through the last weekend of October. This year, our 1st game will be on: Saturday, September       10, 2022.


Q: How much is registration for Fall Ball?

A: Players ages 4 through 6 are only $25 and all other players are $75.