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MLL Annual Golf Tournament

by posted 07/11/2020
Meriden Little League would like to take this time to recognize all our LOCAL sponsors. Because of their generous donations and team sponsorship, our league is able to provide a season (Summer / Fall) for players ages 9 through 16. We hope to provide baseball opportunities for the younger players, September 1 of this year. With the added costs of having to sanitize items, provide social distancing and personal equipment to all players, and not being able to have a concession stand, which is where we make most of our money, there would be no way we could've done it without the support of our local partners.
We are forever thankful for their support and hope all continue to support them, by using their services. Thank you.
MLL Board and Families

by posted 07/11/2020

Even though the start of our season is delayed, we are extremely thankful for our LOCAL sponsors and their donations. Without each of their support, our LOCAL, Meriden Little League would have nowhere for the 200+ registered players to play. Ed Walsh and Jack Barry complexes continue to be worked on, in preparation for the start of our season, whenever that may be. We remain optimistic and continue to keep all of those impacted by this situation in our thoughts and prayers. We ask all those to support not only our proud and local sponsors, but all those businesses in Meriden. Stay safe, stay positive and we will get through this. PLAY BALL!


by posted 03/28/2020
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Field Status
Ed Walsh Avery - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Ed Walsh Batting Cage 1 - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Ed Walsh Batting Cage 2 - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Ed Walsh Carabetta - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Ed Walsh Carey - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Ed Walsh Concession Stan - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Ed Walsh FJ Kogut - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Ed Walsh FW Kogut - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Jack Barry Batting Cage - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Jack Barry Carter - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Jack Barry Concession St - Meriden TBD (8/9) 
Jack Barry Hampp - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
Jack Barry Malerba - Meriden OPEN (8/9) 
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